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Subject: mobikade
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yasuyasu 8/24/2007 - 9:12:47
just registered for mobikade( or send 60017). got a quite good free games n now offering free sms! quite an engaging site. but has any1 else here used it? *

acebru 8.12.07 - 10:01am
Never heard of it yasu * 20.04.08 - 07:20am
hello everybody im new tell me can i get games 4 my LG B2100 also here *

evilgirl 13.05.08 - 01:11pm
hey ppl wer cn i gt interestin games 4 my lg Ke600 *

damikeli 24.07.08 - 02:47pm
Try it loaded wit interesting games,wit lot of varieties 2 choose 4rm and suport almost fones. *

arnys 6.08.08 - 04:49pm
Just use google :D enter your phone model java and search there are lot of games *

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